Tuesday, January 7, 2014

First DIY on a Tip Tuesday

Yesterday, for Merry Monday, I posted a Parisian-chic birthday party by Gideon Hermosa on my Facebook page. Today, I posted a really cute DIY from Oh Happy Day.

I've been visiting Oh Happy Day's website if I want easy and unique craft projects and party ideas. The site is full of vibrant and pretty pictures that make me really oh so happy. The instructions are easy to follow, too. Jordan, the lady behind it is a genius! And how I love their family's lifestyle. They spent a year in Paris, which is my dream looooong holiday destination. Now they are based in San Francisco, California, staying in a huge flat and leasing a two-floored studio, which is one of my goals (to have a studio/office, that is.)

Here's the link to her Mini Paper Flower Party Hat tutorial: http://ohhappyday.com/2013/04/mini-paper-flower-party-hats-diy/

Don't forget to visit my website, too. www.eventsbyfrainge.com. I need more traffic. :D Thanks!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Up Ahead

Happy New Year!

One of the things in my to-do list this year is to have a blog post or at least a Facebook post every day except Sundays. I know I wanted to make this blog active eons ago but hadn't. This time, I'm taking it seriously (*prays*).

I like to write my own posts like DIY's and events I style but there aren't a lot of those yet. So for the mean time, I'm gonna share with you posts from my favorite blogs.

On this blog or on Facebook, we'll have these:

Merry Mondays: not-a-wedding-event that I find cool or wonderful.
Tip Tuesdays: Do-it-Yourself projects that are worth sharing
Wedding Wednesdays are well, about weddings.
Throwback Thursdays. Why would I go far from what people are used to? But it won't be childhood pictures of me! I'll post some pictures on events or projects I did in the past.
Friday Fact: a legal advise about getting married or any fact I'll find useful in planning events.
Weekend Getaway is a feature on an event place in Baguio or anywhere up north.

There. Hopefully, I'll be able to sustain this. Let's see how it goes. Excited for the year ahead!