Wednesday, February 13, 2013

S+J: Yellow and Teal I Do's

September 2012. One of my bestest best friends (no, actually sister from another mother) tied the knot. I was privileged to be their semi-stylist and coordinator. We only had a little more than a month preparation for their big day.

These are the few things I made for their wedding. The peg was lawyer weds an outlaw. Just kidding, Spencer! But seriously, since my friend is a law student, we added some elements of law. In fact, their invitation was like a court summon. I love how the bride wrote it. (Too bad I don't have a picture of it and other details. We are still waiting for the official photographers' photos.) For the other stuff, I added her love of paper, books and pens (pun intended).

One of the two photobooths. This also served as a welcome facade for the ceremony. I would have wanted it to be taller, if only the resort knows how to measure 6 feet. :) I made my own printed paper for this.

This part would have been awesome and fun if it was a success. I should have assigned a person to man it and not just relied on the guests to explore. Anyway, these are just bottles covered with yarn.

I printed the date on white pillow cases. I also made bride and groom pillows. Again, I don't have a photo of those. *sigh*

For the escort cards, we used the guests' aliases aka nicknames. ;)  Lesson learned: escort cards and seat assignments don't really work well with 400 guests (who most do not know how to RSVP, may I add).

For the table centerpieces, we used law books. I made small books that also served as table names. The names are anything about them. Tomato is the brand the bride loves. Others were Love, Bebe, Nike. The background was the cartoon my dear husband and number 1 supporter/ staff made for them. It was also used for the other (read: real) photobooth. 

The books had blank pages for the guests to write their messages on. It was a last minute (or week, to be exact) decision. If we have decided on it earlier, I should have made it like a slum book, putting questions like "How many children should S+J have?", "What should they name their first child?" and "What will S+J's first fight be about?".

 For the rest like the flowers, we just gave instructions to the venue on what we wanted. I got LOTS of lessons and insights from this wedding. Thanks, Nay and Pen for making me your stylist/coordinator. Your 10th anniversary will be much better! ;D

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