Friday, February 6, 2015

My Wedding and Event Styling Business

I made this blog eons ago as I started my wedding and event styling business, then named Events by Frainge. I even posted some events I did and the website I asked my friend to make.

I had some clients since then but not the number I initially targeted. It's fan-based; it'll take time- a friend said. I agree. But I'm sure I could have more, if I marketed my business well. Some people I know are not even aware about what I do.

A year ago, I decided to rename my business to keep the glory away from me and bring it back to the one who gave me the passion and skills- God. It's now known as Wedding and Event Stylist by Grace because I do it all by the grace of God. Most inquiries start with, "Hi Ms. Grace!" but I don't mind.  It is my pleasure explaining to them about what grace is.

I didn't make a website for this new name yet. I only have an ever reliable Facebook page. Hope you'll have time to visit and remember it when you or a friend is looking for a stylist. (Shameless plugging, i mean, marketing. ;))

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  1. great blog, i like it, reminds me of this wedding blog that i found!